Compact one bedroom apartment in a promising area, Gazipasa

Description of the object

Gazipasa is the final district on the 180 km eastern border of Antalya. Gazipasa has a rich history that has been home to various civilizations from ancient times to the present day, and even a hideout for pirates.

Fifty kilometers of coastline, homely, uncrowded and incomparably beautiful sandy beaches, small bays, the Taurus Mountains strewn with evergreen coniferous trees exuding a healing aroma, the absence of industrial enterprises and busy traffic on the streets, farm products directly from the beds, a population of 60,000 is all Gazipasa. It is so good, safe and calm here that the shores of Gazipasa have chosen Caretta Caretta sea turtles for their nests.


Satellite TV, Internet
Outdoor parking

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