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Are you willing to see your favourite properties and experience life in a new country? NEW TIME Investment conducts an inspection tour for those considering purchasing real estate. You will have a chance to choose the most suitable apartment and learn a great deal about living in Turkey.

Just pick a convenient time and let us know the date and time of your arrival in Alanya. We will arrange a pick up at the airport, transfer, comfortable accommodation, and real estate inspection in a relaxing atmosphere. Depending on the chosen object, you will have the opportunity to receive a refund for the flight and accommodation.

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Your investment assistant

at the real estate market in Turkey

Every year thousands of foreigners buy real estate property with sea views in Turkey. The first and most crucial step is choosing a reliable real estate agency.

NewTime investment is an international company with branches all across the world. We are ready to offer a wide variety of housing at the newly built and resale real estate market, ranging from budget apartments and hot offers to luxurious villas and exclusive investment projects. We work with the best developers, whose reputation and quality of construction have been proven over the years.

NewTime investment is a professional real estate agency in Alanya for people who value their time and money and are willing to get the best deal.

A long-lasting presence on the market and many years of experience in Turkey allowed us to establish professional relationships with all major developers in Alanya. We know the rules of the bargain and how to get a better deal so you can buy an apartment at the most reasonable price.

We will select a suitable investment project, provide full legal support for a buy-sell agreement, advocate for your interests and provide a wide range of after-sales services.

Our advantages

We rest our work on principles of professionalism and honesty.
We are focused on long-term relationships and will do our best to provide a high return on your investments.

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