The most investment-attractive areas of Alanya

The most investment-attractive areas of Alanya

The development trends of new regions, currently observed in the real estate market of Alanya, are impressive in their scale and beneficial for potential investors. In the central part of the city, in developed areas such as Mahmutlar and Oba, finding land for construction is becoming increasingly difficult. Therefore, construction companies are forced to turn their eyes to new and promising regions, which we will discuss today.

These areas offer reasonable prices since they are currently developing. The real estate prices in these regions will only grow, making them even more attractive as investment opportunities.

In Alanya, new actively developing investment regions include Avsallar, Oba, Demirtas, and Gazipasa. After reading the information on each of them, you will figure out which area of Alanya to choose for investment.


Почему стоит инвестировать в недвижимость в районе Авсаллар Алания
Avsallar is located 22 km from the historical center of Alanya. Residential buildings are located further from the sea. There is no real estate on the first or second line in Avsallar. The minimum proximity to the sea is 500 meters. For this area, the average distance from the coast is from 800 m to 1200 m. The reason is that the entire first line of the sea in Avsallar has large hotels with developed infrastructure.

And one more point, definitely worth paying attention to. The Avsallar area offers the best beach in Alanya - Incekum with thin fine sand. It is the only beach along the entire coast of Alanya with a gentle, shallow entrance to the water, where there are no stone slabs.

Avsallar is one of the best areas in Alanya and a leader in short-term summer rental requests. Accommodation in local residential buildings is always in high demand.

What is the attraction of the district? First of all, it is the availability of land plots suitable for the construction of a residential building with a large territory and the infrastructure of a five-star hotel, which will be a great alternative to a hotel holiday.

Avsallar has an excellent location and good transport accessibility. It is very convenient to get here from Gazipasa Airport and Antalya since the area is located in the middle.

The infrastructure is also well developed here. On Wednesdays, there is a Turkish market, many cafes and restaurants, and more and more different parks open every year.

Another important factor determining the attractiveness of investment in real estate in Avsallar, Alanya is the pricing policy. You can choose real estate at a very reasonable price in this area. 1 + 1 apartment now costs around €45,000.

Therefore, all the largest developers of Alanya have acquired land plots here and are building in this area. 


Турция Алания район Оба инвестиционный потенциал

The orange is considered a symbol of the Oba district because of the numerous orange trees on the streets and beautiful citrus orchards in the mountainous part of the area. The well-known river Oba-chai flows here, hence the name of the district.

Having crossed the river over the bridge, we can see the new youth sports center of Alanya and the football stadium. Local residents have a unique opportunity to attend the annual cycling races and become spectators of the Triathlon World Cup.

Since 2014, Oba has been attached to the municipality of the city of Alanya. Also, a new administration is being built here, and now the district is considered the center. Nearby is a large shopping store METRO.

Oba has the biggest number of shopping centers. The OUTLET shopping center was opened in 2021, where you can buy things from world-famous brands. The area is also known for: many restaurants and other catering facilities, small shops selling clothes, shoes, and souvenirs, large grocery supermarkets, etc.

In the last three years, intensive construction of modern residential buildings has started here. Since 2017, a new Alanya City Hospital and a laser medicine center have been operating in Oba.

If you are looking for an area of Alanya for investment, pay attention to this modern European area with a harmonious combination of the rhythm of a big modern city and an incredibly cozy and peaceful atmosphere of the streets.


Currently, the area is considered one of the most promising development-wise and profitable investments. Therefore, the top developers of Alanya are constructing new residential buildings here, and thoughtful investors are purchasing real estate.

Недвижимость в Газипаше весомые причины инвестировать

The most compelling reasons why you should invest in real estate in Gazipasa:

  • Gazipasa Airport. There is already well-established air communication with many cities around the world, including Paris, Madrid, London, Kyiv, etc.
  • Seaport construction. The port is designed for more than 200 yachts and will serve as a safe transit point for cruise liners with access to the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea of Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, and Syria.

Gazipasa will soon become one of the most attractive tourist destinations on the Mediterranean coast. It means that the rental potential of real estate and its value will increase.


It is one of the modern and rapidly developing regions of Alanya. Nature here preserved its original form. Demirtas is rightfully considered a quiet and peaceful area. The village is not overcrowded with numerous tourists, the music from nightclubs does not rumble here, and there are no large hotels. Therefore, this is a paradise for families with children and opponents of hustle and bustle. Moreover, Demirtas is known for its marvelous beaches, clear seawater, coniferous forests, and clean environment. Residents and vacationers can find everything they need for a comfortable stay: small shops and cafes, vegetable and fruit shops, a pharmacy, etc.

Демирташ Алания инвестиционная привлекательность
Some of the advantages of Demirtas:

  • an abundance of fresh farm products, such as fresh milk, cottage cheese, goat cheese;
  • lack of dense development, it is possible to construct villas on the first line of the sea, which is impossible in other areas;
  • the best combination of price/quality, allowing you to buy a solid property at an affordable price;
  • transport links with the center and other areas of Alanya.

You can find a list of current real estate on offer in a particular area in our catalog. The managers of the New Time Investment will advise you on how to invest in real estate in Turkey profitably. They will also help you choose the option that suits your request and budget and accompany you at every stage of the buy-sale agreement.

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