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Sergei Afonin
Sergei Afonin

In November 2022, I decided to buy an apartment in Alanya - it was my dream - to live near the sea in a mild climate. On the recommendation of friends, I turned to the New Time Property real estate agency.
I want to express my gratitude to the entire staff of the agency for professionalism and an individual approach to each client. This is not often seen in our time. I especially want to note the manager Semyon - an excellent specialist, a decent person and just a master of his craft! Semyon quickly picked up a great option - the apartment of my dreams!
To potential buyers of real estate in Alanya, I recommend the New Time Investment agency - you will definitely not regret contacting them!
And I wish success to the entire staff of the agency in their hard work and further prosperity!


Many thanks to New Time!!!

All my life I dreamed of living by the sea in warmth. Winters in Moscow are not the coldest, but I have always endured them badly. Still, the warm climate was very attractive.

Subscribed to New Time on Instagram and discovered Alanya — wonderful resort town. Orange trees in the streets, the Mediterranean Sea, fresh fruits, clean air … It is impossible not to fall in love with this city!

My enthusiasm was shared by my husband. Thinking about moving to Alanya. Then they started looking at real estate on the New Time website. It is worth noting the polite managers who answered all questions.

Without difficulty we moved to our new nest. Again, thanks to the company for their support at all stages of the purchase.

But that's not all! The husband is very interested in investing in Alanya. He is going to invest in a complex at the construction stage in Avsallar. I fully support him, because I know that New Time — the most reliable real estate agency!


I want to share a story about how I decided to buy an apartment in Alanya.
Perhaps my experience will be useful to someone.

My journey to the apartment of my dreams began long before the actual purchase. Until that moment, I had been living in a rented apartment in Alanya for a whole year. After switching to freelancing, the first thing I wanted to do was live somewhere outside of my native Ryazan. The Republic of Turkey has long attracted me with its climate and affordable prices. So I went there.

During those 12 months, I managed to irrevocably fall in love with this city, its rhythm and atmosphere. Most of all, I was captivated by the opportunity to slowly enjoy the sea and warm weather. Not to mention the unique culture, historical sights and friendly people of this sunny country.

When I started to dream about my own apartment in Alanya — I started looking.
I soon realized that I couldn't handle it on my own. Here a realtor came to my aid.
She helped me decide on a list of requirements.
We went together to look at all the options and reasonably weigh all the pros. and against.

We had an absolute "match" with the apartment where I stopped the search!
There was everything here: a sea view, a light, laconic design, and a cozy layout «1+ 1". Most of all I was pleased with the cost — 75 000€, also with the possibility of installments.

Now my day starts with a walk along the coast and fresh fruit in the Mahmutlar market.
Thanks to New Time for making my dream come true!


Good afternoon. My name is Eugene, I am 36 years old, married and have a three-year-old daughter, Lizonka. We are from Dnipro, Ukraine. I want to thank the New Time real estate agency for helping me realize my dream of living by the sea. I tell the background.

I have been thinking about moving to Turkey for a long time and more than once. Good ecology, sea, warm climate – ideal conditions for living, as for me. Especially for the whole family. At first we visited the Turkish Mediterranean as a vacation, then I began to notice how sad it becomes for us in our native Dnieper without the sea and sun, especially in winter – because we are still those bastards. And my wife and I began to look for solutions.

There were no acquaintances in Turkey, so they began to storm the Internet. How many publics and forums have been read, do not count. They began to watch YouTube, how Russian-speaking people live in Turkey and… suddenly stumbled upon the channel “Life without cuts”. Maxim – the author of the channel spoke so interestingly and sincerely about Alanya – the warmest city in Turkey, that all our doubts were dispelled. Let's go – we decided.

And then it turned out that Maxim works in a Turkish real estate agency and we thought: this is fate! Well, then, as you understand, it’s a matter of technology: we contacted the New Time agency, discussed all our questions and received a selection of objects by mail.

Honestly, the proposals were all interesting, but for some reason the soul lay more in the apartments in Kestel. This is a quiet and picturesque area, what you need for a family. And the offer was very attractive. Guys, of course, pros in every sense of the word. The transaction was easy and fast and now we are happy owners of real estate by the sea. Thank you guys, you are awesome!


I'm not a fan of writing reviews, and especially of reading them. But I can't help but share a story from my life that turned my whole life for the better. And showed that dreams should come true! And thanks to NEW TIME, my long-awaited and, as I thought, unforgettable dream came true.

It all started with the fact that I was born and raised in Astana. This is a beautiful, but very noisy city, where everyone is rushing around and hurrying somewhere. And also I was not very pleased with the climate: when in the summer I wanted to soak up the rays of the warm sun, the temperature did not even exceed 20 degrees. And if we talk about winter, then it is sometimes very harsh. Approximately 17 degrees below zero. And I always wanted mild weather, a cozy and calm city, where no one is in a hurry, but just enjoys every day. Alas, I haven't seen anything like this in Astana in 40 years!

When I was in college, I set a goal for myself - to definitely move to live in another country where I would just be comfortable. So, gradually developing my business in Astana, I managed to visit many countries both for the purpose of leisure and for work issues. But not one of the cities I saw was to my liking (And I even began to doubt that there is such a city! But somehow my friends flew to Turkey for their honeymoon, namely to the city of Alania. After returning to Astana, they told me they told me that they had bought an apartment there on the ground floor with access to the garden. And after the completion of construction they would move there. I was simply dumbfounded by this news and could not understand: how can you go on vacation to another country for a month and immediately buy Real estate?

So I got a little acquainted with the city (using the Internet), bought tickets and packed my bags, rushed to Alanya. Already upon arrival in the city, I was pleasantly surprised by the mild climate (I arrived in early May) and the attitude of the locals. For myself, I did not specifically rent a hotel room, but rented an apartment in order to feel the Alanya atmosphere to the maximum. I rented an apartment for two weeks remotely with the help of the NEW TIME company, which literally in 2 days picked up an apartment for me according to my criteria. I tried not to sit all day in the apartment, but to walk along different streets, the promenade, see the sights, visit different establishments or just swim in the sea, because the weather was always great! Two weeks passed very quickly for me and I did not even want to return home, even though my friends and relatives were waiting for me there. It was in Alanya that I felt at home! After all, in this short period, I managed to meet a lot of nice people who brightened up my stay in the new city. And I realized that Alanya is the city in which I dreamed of living, because here everything is filled with comfort and silence. It is developing every day: grandiose LCDs and large shopping centers are being built. Literally two days before my flight to Astana, I weighed all the pros and cons and decided to buy an apartment!

For help in choosing an apartment, I turned to a reliable and trusted real estate agency NEW TIME. I already had a clear understanding that I want to buy real estate in order to obtain citizenship and investment. And the most profitable option for me was the purchase of apartments at the stage of excavation. And so I bought 3 apartments in different residential complexes, but with very good locations. Where in one I will live and enjoy incredible views of the sea and mountains, and the other two - to rent and receive a stable passive income. At all stages of the purchase, the company helped me and suggested what to do and what not to do!

So my story of buying apartments in sunny Alanya has come to an end! I hope this story will be useful to future buyers)

New Time Investment Thank you very much for making this dream come true! Thanks to you, I found my paradise, where every day will be just a pleasure.


Good afternoon! My name is Larisa. I want to express my deep gratitude to the New Time Investment company for their unbearable help in purchasing an apartment.

My husband and I's story of buying an apartment began several years ago. Then our close friends bought an apartment in Alanya for themselves. From them, we first learned about the benefits of owning property in Turkey. Own housing in Alanya is a good investment in the future. This is not only a profitable financial investment, but also the possibility of obtaining a residence permit in Turkey. The latter was of particular interest to us.

We have lived to an age when we no longer want to fuss and dreamed of living in a country with a warm climate and a calm environment. Therefore, we decided to buy an apartment in this beautiful country.

First, we contacted several real estate agencies via the Internet. There were many options, but we found mutual understanding with New Time Investment. On the site, I left a request with the desired selection criteria. The manager Irina answered me. She picked up offers, the cost of which pleasantly surprised me.

In short, after weighing all the pros and cons, we agreed with Irina on a study tour.

A very convenient service, thanks to which I did not have to worry about anything. We were met at the airport and brought to Alanya, where we were accommodated in a comfortable hotel. Then there were several days of viewing apartments. Thanks to Irina, we managed to find an option to our liking. And we left our choice on the apartment in Mahmutlar. Very cozy, well-groomed area. There are many of our compatriots here. On every corner there are shops and cafes, beautiful parks. We signed a contract and bought such a desirable apartment.

I am extremely glad that I turned to New Time Investment. Now we are engaged in obtaining a residence permit and Irina helps with this. I'm sure everything will work out.

I wish you big sales! Thank you and definitely recommend!

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